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Enrico Torzi, Benessence

About Us


Body Care Through Natural Cosmetics

For more than ten years, Benessence has dedicated itself to studying health and beauty. Products are made with natural and organic ingredients and are carefully researched and tested. For every product we create, we use Pure and organic Aloe Vera juice as a base, blended with noble and organic ingredients. Using Aloe Vera instead of water guarantees concentrated effectiveness, wellness and cellular rejuvenation. 

The Benessence research and development laboratory is comprised of a state-of-the-art team of professionals, including doctors in Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Technologies. They work daily to offer new, increasingly effective solutions with one goal in mind: 100% natural products, supported by clinical trials and systematic quality checks.  
The Benessence product line is completely organic, vegan and cruelty free. 
Benessence - the organic alternative for your skin.