Our Story

Enrico Torzi has always lived in the world of agriculture, striving to exist in harmony with the nature. It was his aspiration to spread wellbeing to people through products made from nature itself. Back in late nineties, after discovering that Aloe Vera is a plant with many beneficial properties, Enrico Torzi started experimental cultivation in South America. After years of researching the plant and its ability to enrich our wellbeing, we were convinced that Aloe Vera has huge potential to bring many benefits to people and help with their healthy lifestyle. Therefore, in 2007, Benessence was born in Italy.

Enrico Torzi chose to cultivate Aloe Vera through organic greenhouse farming in Molise – a region where Enrico was born and always lived and a region which has preserved an uncontaminated and natural environment. Greenhouses help maintain mild and constant temperature throughout the year – that is very important for us when creating a product. We carefully observe the nature and the benefits that plants and natural extracts can bring if combined properly. From nutrition to cosmetics and personal care, our production leverages the best values of Aloe Vera to create a complete line for the wellbeing of our customers.

 We believe that the best investment for our children is to preserve the world in which we live, therefore, not only are our products environmentally friendly, but also certified “Vegan OK”. We are committed to be a sustainable company, which respects nature, animals and plants. The company was born as a family business and still is today.

Even if the number of collaborators has increased over time, we still deeply care for the quality of each and every product. We proudly use our own products and truly believe in the benefits they bring to our health and wellbeing.

We are convinced that more and more people will start embracing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and we want to make our contribution to this idea through spreading our products and benefits of Aloe Vera.